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Grant Recommendation Letter

Ronald S. Jones
Seattle, Washington
Re: CRU Institute Grant Application

Grant Committee Members:

Please accept this letter of support for the above mentioned grant application. I have been involved with the work of CRU for over 10 years. My work with them began when the school where I was then principal contracted with them to receive training for our Conflict Managers Program. As part of this training I attended trainings for faculty members and students. Following these training experiences I later was able to support trainings for faculty members in the Seattle School District where I worked in the central office and retired as Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction. On every instance I found their training to be of the highest caliber and most beneficial to schools. Whenever I followed up with teachers regarding their training sessions the remarks were always positive, not to mention the improvement staff members noted with student behavior in their schools.

It is my understanding that CRU is requesting a grant for support equipment to help furnish an on-site training room. I support this request wholeheartedly. I think that having a well-equipped training room would serve to enhance the great work they are currently doing for schools locally and nationally. This room would probably provide opportunities for them to conduct follow-up trainings with a combination of school faculties as well as advanced training for mixed groups of conflict managers. All support they can receive will be greatly appreciated as they continue their work of helping make schools a safer place for all students and adults. The work of CRU is so critical in today's world where violence and anger can be everywhere, including our schools. If you need any further information regarding my experiences with CRU and support of their work please feel free to contact me.


Ronald S. Jones

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