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Articles By & About CRU Institute

Lending a Hand

Laura Ulrich, Training & Conditioning Magazine, December 2009

According to Kaplan, one challenge of behind-the-scenes conflict resolution is remaining neutral. "When you're talking with one party alone, it's easy to create the impression you're taking that person's side," she says. "You can end up saying things you wouldn't say if you were talking to the other party, and when you do that, you've moved from mediating to something more like gossiping. It's important to keep your comments neutral and professional."

Bullies and Victims:  Is Conflict Resolution Possible? (PDF | 1.42 MB)

Nancy M. Kaplan, M: Magazine, September/October 2006

Nancy Kaplan, director of CRU Institute and mother of eight, explains how problem-solving programs can be effective, especially with young children.

Don't Hate — Mediate (PDF | 382 KB)

Cynthia Gracianette, NSA Naples Panorama, February 2007

Students at Naples American High School in Naples, Italy are getting an educationin diplomacy using curriculum from CRU Institute.

Conflict Resolution: Peer Mediators Guide Fellow Students (PDF | 461 KB)

Terry McGuire, The Catholic Progress, April 2004

Two Washington state Catholic schools experience the benefits of conflict resolution training.

Mediation Training Cools High School Conflicts (PDF | 2.11 MB)

Henry Stern, The Oregonian, April 2000

A fight over rumors at Oregon's Centennial High School is solved through peer mediation.

Local Students Learn About Conflicts (PDF | 374 KB)

Judy Spalding, The Outlook, September 1999

Othello, Washington elementary students learn about conflict management.

Student Mediation: Opportunity and Challenge (PDF | 5.71 MB)

Nancy M. Kaplan, School Safety Magazine, Winter 1996

Students can learn and teach the valuable conflict resolution skills that are necessary for reaching mutually agreeable solutions to disputes and for creating lifelong benefits.

Students Learn to Settle Scuffles (PDF | 556 KB)

Lyle Price, Valley Daily News

Renton High School students (including then-sophomore Jelani Quinn, now CRU program director) look forward to putting their new mediation training into practice.

CRU Video Reviews (PDF | 649 KB)

Donald T. Saposnek, Academy of Family Mediators Mediation News, Summer 1995

Reviews of Everyday Conflicts, Creative Solutions and Rumors, Conflicts, Resolutions DVDs.

CRU Institute: Teaching students how to resolve conflicts

Gabrielle Nomura, Bellevue Reporter Newspaper, December 2010

"I'm an MSW, I'm a therapist," she said. "Kids don't want to be therapized. But if you tell them they're going to be mediators and teach them these interpersonal skills, all of sudden, they become interested."

Teaching Mediation to Kids

Jerry Large, Seattle Times Newspaper, October 2009

Kaplan said mediator training also teaches self-awareness. “We help them learn to recognize how other people are feeling, and learn to control their own feelings. You can’t mediate a conflict if you get caught up in it. You have to remain neutral even if inside you are thinking, I can’t stand this person.” It’s good life-skills training.


"Students who have been trained have exhibited an excitement about the prospect of mediating conflicts. Peer Mediators have come to me repeatedly to inform me that they know they can settle some of these disputes."

— Paul D. Nichols
Assistant Principal
Decatur High School
Federal Way, WA