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Materials can be ordered as complete packages or their individual components. Using the 'Add to Cart' buttons will add products to a secure PayPal shopping cart where you may adjust quantities. If you are unable to use PayPal, please complete and mail the printable order form below.

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Training Materials: Middle & High School

Middle school and high school packages create a consistent school-wide approach to conflict resolution. With CRU Institute's materials, you can train a core group of Student Mediators and introduce mediation/negotiation concepts and skills in the classroom.

Complete Training Materials Packages

Middle School Package
High School Package

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Each middle school & high school package contains:
  • Manual: CRU for Middle School Peer Mediators (Middle School Package Only)
  • Manual: CRU for High School Peer Mediators (High School Package Only)
  • Classroom Manual: CRU for Violence Prevention
  • 1 DVD and Leader's Guide (Everybody's Talking or Changes)
  • 10 Large Technique Cards
  • 12 Role Play Cue Cards (4 Sets)
  • 15 Feeling Cards
  • 1 Student Handout Booklet Sample

Package price: $395

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Package Elements Available Individually

DVD & Leaders Guide: 'Everybody's Talking'

Everybodys Talking DVD and leader's guide

  • Using "I" Messages
  • Teaching Disputants Restating/I Messages
  • Pointing Out Areas of Agreements
  • What will happen...?
  • Exploring Feelings

Rumors and gossip lead to serious conflict between two girls. Student mediators create a structure in which the girls can begin to communicate, understand one another, and reach an amicable agreement. There are many techniques demonstrated in this video. Length: 14 minutes.

Price: $95/set

DVD & Leaders Guide: 'Changes'

Changes DVD and leader's guide

  • Structuring the process
  • Teaching disputants restating
  • Exploring Feelings
  • Using 'I' Messages
  • Enforce the rules
  • Teaching disputants 'I' Messages
  • Point out areas of agreement
  • What will happen if.....?

Kayla and Isiah are boyfriend-girlfriend. Their relationship is threatened by Isiah's decision to become a serious student and take honors classes. The dramatization includes mediation of the dispute and much more. The topic is intriguing and provocative. Length: 14 minutes.

Price: $95/set

Training Manuals: CRU for Middle School Peer Mediators / CRU for High School Peer Mediators

High School and Middle School training manuals

  • Mediation structure and process
  • Communication skills
  • Cultural diversity and conflict
  • Mediation techniques
  • Over 50 student role plays
  • Trainer's rolling role plays
  • Being your own mediator

These manuals were developed by experienced mediators who have trained students and faculty in hundreds of schools since 1992. The manuals, each over 200 pages, show you how to teach the sophisticated process of sit-down mediation. Sections on how to set up the program in your school as well as all student handouts and program evaluations are included.

Price: $200 each

Choose a Manual

Large Technique Cards - Set of 10

Technique Cards

Price: $25/set

Feeling Cards - Set of 15

Feeling Cards

Price: $4/set

Training Manual: CRU for Violence Prevention

CRU for Violence Prevention training manual

This manual contains CRU Institute's mediation training curriculum formatted for classroom use. The manual is a conflict resolution curriculum appropriate for health classes or other general life skills classes. It contains 45 minute lessons emphasizing negotiation skills and being your own mediator.

Price: $150 each

(Additional copies $75)

Student Handout Booklet

High School student handout booklet

Price: $4 each

Choose a Student Handout Booklet

Role Play Cue Cards - Set of 12

Role Play Cards

Price: $4/set


Also Available from CRU Institute

DVD & Leader's Guide: 'Names'

Names DVD and leader's guide

  • Annotated script
  • Diversity materials
  • The mediation process
  • Cultural differences: Communication
  • Cultural diversity role plays

Diversity Training DVD and leader's guide: A training DVD showing how differences can create conflict and how students help other students understand those differences and resolve conflicts through mediation. 23min

Price: $125/set

Anti-Bullying DVD & Leader's Guide: 'How Could It Be Better'

How Could It Be Better DVD and Leader's Guide

This DVD runs 40 minutes and is divided into four sections. Each section is followed by a series of discussion questions for students and faculty.

  • Fitting In
  • Bullying: Who Does it Hurt?
  • LBGTQ: Let's Talk
  • Opening the Doors Between Students, Faculty and Administrators

The DVD was created to help students, teachers, and administrators begin to explore why our middle and high schools have become places where many students feel ridiculed, depressed, victimized, and disenfranchised. The program and your discussions that follow will offer participants the opportunity to view what is happening at your school and to consider options that your students and faculty can implement to create a more positive school environment.

Price: $150